July 13, 2024
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Learn Krav Maga


If you are determined to learn self defense, you must learn Krav Maga. If you like working out, being in shape, and are always ready to kick some ass, you are going to love Krav Maga.

As one of the most popular self defense websites on the net, we have had many comments on why many of us are looking to learn self defense. The fact is that crime is on the rise, and if you cannot protect yourself, you can be the next victim.

We don’t mean to alarm you but it is true. When you cannot defend yourself you give your attacker the winning edge.

Krav Maga teaches you real-world personal safety. This self defense training is different than traditional defense techniques like Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and Mixed Martial Arts. We focus on real-life scenarios and will teach you exactly what to do.

Krav Maga is not a sport. There are no time limits, no weight classes and/or ranking, and you will not find any referees. In a real-life situation, you will not be allowed to “tap out” or throw in the towel when things aren’t going well. With our self defense training, you will quickly learn that losing is not an option.

Self defense classes are for kids and adults. in fact, even senior citizens are getting in on the action. You won’t need to invest years of practice in order to be able to out maneuver an attack. You will feel confident after your very first class.

If you have been looking for self defense classes, undoubtedly you have found that there are many options. Keep in mind that most personal-safety and self-defense training will not consider the reality of life. That’s right, even when the so-called self defense courses are labeled as “reality- based” they lack the methods and techniques that only Krav Maga can bring.

Here are a few reasons to learn Krav Maga and prepare yourself for a confrontation:

  1. You want to STAY ALIVE.
  2. You don’t need years of training to DISARM ATTACKER.
  3. Feel and BE CONFIDENT in any real-life situation.
  4. You will LEARN QUICKLY. No time to waste.
  5. You will BE ABLE TO ESCAPE despite being on the floor.