August 19, 2022

(Credit: KTLA)

Some would say this Santa Ana, California homeowner, is lucky to be alive! As we like to say, likes to say, “this man was prepared!

It was 4 a.m. on Friday September 4th, 2015, when this southern California homeowner heard noise outside his bedroom. His house located in quiet neighborhood off the 2500 block of West Manly Avenue in Santa Ana, California.

By the time he realized it was his home that was being burglarized, he says he noticed he had a gun to his head. Two intruders were asking him where the money was.

(Credit: KTLA)

“I don’t have anything, sir.” responded Erickson Dumaual fearing for his life.

This is where the story takes an unexpected twist…but only for the thieves themselves.

KTLA TV reports that as one of the would-be robbers scoured the room for money, Dumaual was preparing himself to turn the tables on the bad guys:

“At this point I went for the gun,” he recalls. You see, Erickson Dumaual used his seven years of Krav Maga training to push the man back against the wall and take him down. He indeed felt confident…and why not, Krav Maga self defense training is specifically designed for these real-life situations. Erickson wasted little time to decide to use the techniques he learned to defend himself against an attacker with a gun.

Mr. Dumaual was well aware that it was a risk; but as he explained to KTLA, it was a matter of life or death: “It was tough because he tried to pin me. It’s a battle, 50-50, who is going to die here? All I want to do is make sure this guy doesn’t hurt me, my family or anybody else.

Erickson Dumaual shares the house with extended family; and we are very glad he could apply Krav Maga techniques to get control of the gun. While the other bad guy panicked and ran, the battle with the gunman continued into the pool. “I tried to tell him to, ‘stop, stop, stop,’ and he comes at me … I had to pull the trigger. I didn’t want to kill him.”

(Credit: KTLA)

The LA Times reports that Dumaual shot the burglar in the leg and subdued him until the police arrived. The police later identified the attacker as a local gang member. Unfortunately, the other suspect is still at-large.

It is not our intent to alarm you, but obviously this quiet Santa Ana neighborhood is glad to have a neighbor like Erickson Dumaual.

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